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WE NEED Referees!!!

                                                     2023 Grassroots referee clinic

Date / TimeLocation
Sunday, Aug 27       9:00am - 5:00pm
* there will an hour lunch break
(Must complete online videos before in-person training)
(Must bring a whistle)
D: Central

    Recertification for Grassroots               
                      * Fri, TBD 7pm to 9pm             in Camdenton, MO

All NEW referees:
Note- The online videos take about 15 hours to complete and MUST be done 3 days before the class date. Please plan accordingly ... THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!

Email Corinne at [email protected] that you are taking the certification course. Include email address, cell phone number of person training and emergency contact and mailing address. If it is a minor taking the course, please have a parent included in all forms of communication.

2. All new referees should now start the process at our new registration site
You will have to create a profile before you can proceed.  After creating your profile, you will sign up for a clinic, not a specific clinic but just a referee entry clinic so you can get access to the 25 online training modules.  ONLY after you have successfully completed all 25 modules will a new button appear that says "Pick a Clinic".  That's when you decide what roster you want to be on and where you want to attend the in-person class and hands on field training.

3. Safe and Healthy Environment- click here

4. Safe Sport (18 years old and older)-

5. Background check (18 years old and older)-

6 . Strongly recommended: A checking account- LOSA is using direct deposit to pay the referees

ALL Returning Referees:

1. Email Corinne at losare[email protected] that you will be refereeing for the next season.

2. Get re-certified IF it is required. All referees must re-certified yearly. If you received your certification in Fall 2022, you DO NOT have to re-certify in 2023. You will have to re-certify in 2024.
All previously registered within the last 3 years should start the process at and when recertification clinics get posted starting in August choose member sign-in using your email as your user name and your last name in all upper case as your password. 

At some point ALL new referees, as well as re-registering referees, mentors, or assignors will have to go to the USSF Learning Center to complete at least 1 module every year at no cost to them.  Please don't do anything on the USSF site that you have to pay for.  Any fees you should pay will already be folded into your fees you pay to register through Missouri, so we repeat, please don't pay for anything on the us soccer site cause if you do you can't get it back.

3. Strongly recommended: A checking account- LOSA is using direct deposit to pay the referees

4. Login to and make sure ALL your information is correct- address, birthday, emergency contact, correct email address, if you have a personal cell # please put that # in the mobile phone #. Parents' numbers are to be listed in the Home or Work phone.


Required items for referees:
1. Referee uniform, cards, booklet, flags and whistle - referee kits available at
2. Watch with a stop watch function- Wal-mart has inexpensive watches
3. pens and a flipping coin

Questions? ..... contact Corinne at [email protected]

Pay for referee:
6u ( 24 min)- $14.00
8u (35min)- $ 16.00
10U center (45 min)- $20.00
10U AR- $16.00
12U Center ( 55 min)- $22.00
12U AR- $19.00
15U Center ( 65 min)- $26.00
15U AR- $22.00

The average income a referee will make is $386 for one season. $550 is the average income a referee makes that did not play on a team and refereed most game days.


LOSA has always prided itself on following the MYSA and US SOCCER game structure for developing players, coaches and referees.  We are able to offer an “on the field” mentoring program at no additional charge. This mentoring program helps the referees become more confident with their capabilities -- works with them hands-on how to better understand and apply  the Laws of the Game, and to prepare them for the next level; should they choose that path.  All our referees are licensed with the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) and, because of that, are capable of refereeing any sanctioned USSF Soccer Game, should that game's assignor feel they are capable.  Yes, they can even referee at the Show Me State Games! LOSA referees are paid position as independent contractors.

If you do not know anything about the game of soccer, but would still like to help out, this is a program that you should strongly consider!  There is no experience required to sign up for this certification class!

There is a cost up-front, and LOSA tries to help out any person that would like to be a referee, but just does not have the funds available for the initial cost out-lay of the class and the gear.  So please, don’t let the cost deter you from registering yourself or your child.  If this is something that you need in order to sign up, please contact us via the homepage email contact and we will do what we can to help you/your child become registered for the referee class.

Tips on what to pack in your ref bag

How to fill out game cards and reports

To a Great Man...

It is with great sorrow that we inform you of the passing of our dear friend, Jim Killam, or as he was always called at LOSA, “Ref Jim”. He left this world on Tuesday, February 2, 2020. His family has announced that there will be no memorial service.
We hope you had the opportunity to meet Ref Jim, listen to him speak, or have a conversation with him. He was deeply passionate about the referee program, youth soccer and LOSA. Jim gave over 25 consecutive years of service to LOSA, serving as a commissioner, a referee, Secretary, Vice President, President, and of course, Head of Referee’s. He was a past MSHSAA Soccer Referee, and for the past 10+ years, he was the referee instructor for the Central District of Missouri, giving classes all over the state, educating and mentoring hundreds of referees over the years.
LOSA would not exist today if it were not for the efforts of Ref Jim. He did it all! We are deeply saddened by his passing, and we will all miss him so much. He elevated LOSA to a completely different standard, and we will always remember and thank him for all that he did. He was a great mentor and guide for the board, an incredible referee and instructor, but most importantly, a dear friend.
Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

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